iDSP principles PDF Print E-mail

1. We accept responsibility for the success of the lessons through reliable preparation, participation and follow-up.

2. We treat each other with esteem, friendliness and respect.

3. We place all relevant information at the disposal of the other members of the school community.

4. We aim at constantly developing the school as a place of teaching, learning and living.

5. We express ourselves openly, clearly and unambiguously. We solve conflicts peacefully and according to agreed procedures.

6. We value mutual esteem. We promote positive behaviour and emphasize continued efforts and commitment.

These principles have been formulated as a joint effort by the teachers and representatives of parents and pupils of the iDSP. They were introduced to the secondary school-students in September 2009 and submitted for signature. A plaque with the principles and the signatures of many students, teachers and parents is hanging in the foyer of the school.