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The majority of the pupils from grade 6 to 10 are in “Gymnasium” (grammar school or high school), with the curriculum of Baden-Württemberg.

Since 2003/2004 the pupils are taught according to the syllabus of instruction of the “G8-System” (leading to the “Abitur” after 8 years).

Bilingual lessons

Advanced students of French take GWG (Geographie/Wirtschaft/Gemeinschaftskunde – Geography/Economy/Social Studies) in French as from grade 7 and History in French as from grade 9. In grades 7 and 8 History is taught in German or English.

Profile subjects in grade 8

In grade 8, the children can make their subject choices between the science or language section ("sprachlich" or “naturwissenschaftlich”), which means they have either Latin or Spanish or  NWT (“Naturwissenschaft und Technik” – Science and Technology) for the following three school years.

“Hauptschüler” and “Realschüler”

Pupils following the syllabus of “Hauptschule” or “Realschule” are taught in the same classes as the “Gymnasium”-children, with an internal differentiation of learner groups. According to the necessity and demand, we try to set up separate groups for these children. The school regulations settle the possibilities of changing from one system to the other.